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Air skirt

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Air skirt

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Air skirt

Space cotton with "light, thin, soft, very, the United States, prison" and many other advantages, direct processing without finishing and quilting, and direct washing, is the ideal winter cold products, but also heat, radiation can not Get the product. Made of clothing in the washing machine using the standard speed of washing for 25 minutes, and then by drying the barrel to dry, for dozens of times will not be deformed and damaged. (Including jackets, ski suits, cotton jackets, trousers, tight vests, windbreakers, coats, children's wear, sleeping bags, etc.) and special wear (such as steelmaking, etc.), the use of space cotton can produce a variety of clothing (including jackets, Coal mining, oil, geological exploration, cold storage, transportation, post and telecommunications, police and other uniforms), can also be used for the production of shoes, hats, bedding, tents and curtains and so on. According to the relevant departments of the test, the human body at -15 ° C ~ 20 ° C low temperature, in addition to exposed parts, the space cotton insulation at no cool feeling, had organized a group of the youngest 25 years old, the largest 60 years old , Twice in the cold storage at -18 ° C in the wearing test, the human lying, lying, standing for one hour, no cold feeling, and wearing lint shoes feel toe pain, and by the health sector test, The human body without stimulation, no allergic reactions, the use of the human body is safe.

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