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Hot recommend color 3D seat cover net material

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Hot recommend color 3D seat cover net material

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  • Data:2017/07/18
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Commonly known as thick sandwich mesh cloth, also known as 3D material or 3D spacing fabric, is a breathable, flexible, support are very good new fabric materials. At present in mattresses, pillows, car cushions, etc. need to have a good flexibility, permeability industry manufacturers where it is increasingly widely used.

1, double-layer mesh design, so that it has breathable moisture permeability.

2, the middle of the monofilament to X-90 ° vertical arrangement, breaking the traditional scatter 0 ° support, the density is 800 times the spring, so that it can provide buffer protection, very suitable for mattresses, cushion products and other needs to have a buffer Protective effect of the product.

3, with the material made of 3D mattress, 3D pillow, 3D car cushion good wash quick dry, environmentally friendly non-toxic, so safe and sanitary.

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