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  • Car mats non-slip cloth

    Car mat anti-skid cloth, also known as eagle claw cloth, gecko claw, burr cloth. With the full siege after the foot pad of the listing, to the owner to bring a more intimate use of the results, but also for the production enterprises to bring the product upgrading of the trouble, because the abrasive has been developed to the limit, only to replace the flower Simple new, to meet the consumer. Ca...
    release time:2015-11-18   clicks:143

  • Sandwich Mesh Set of choice

    In the purchase of sandwich fabric fabric car seat cover, the general seller will talk about the sandwich is thick, how many centimeters. Many owners to listen to such a thing that the sandwich mesh is thicker the better.Sandwich fabric car seat cover fabric because of its mesh structure, texture and breathability is very suitable for summer car seat cover, but also by the owners love, is one of t...
    release time:2015-11-18   clicks:62

  • Sandwich mesh cloth production and sales become a new bright spot in the knitting market

    In order to adapt to the fabric of fabric replacement, fabric quality and constantly seeking new market trends, Wujiang China Eastern Silk market a lot of cloth line debut favorite new fabric "sandwich mesh cloth." Popular consumer favorite, buyers flocked to become the recent knitting warp cloth market new "highlights".Sandwich mesh cloth is a knitting fabric of a wonderful wo...
    release time:2015-11-18   clicks:38

  • Effect of single - layer mesh cloth yarn on textile products

    1 warmthThe structural characteristics of single-layer mesh yarns are related to the warmth of clothing, because the structure of the yarn determines whether the static air layer can be formed between the fibers.Yarn structure fluffy, fabric in the gap more, the formation of the air layer, no wind, the rest of the air more, warmth better; and wind, the air can pass between the yarn, so cool bet...
    release time:2015-11-18   clicks:71

  • Affect the two factors of short stretch yarn stretch

    The strength and elongation of the sandwich yarns are mainly related to the fiber properties and the yarn structure of the yarns. The strongness and elongation of the blended yarns are also closely related to the difference of the properties of the blended fibers and the blending ratio. Temperature, humidity and strong test conditions and other external factors on the yarn strong, the effect of e...
    release time:2015-11-18   clicks:70

  • China s textile industry --- sterile textile technology pilot

    Textile industry experts point out that the study of modern antimicrobial fibers was marked by the Domag report in 1935, when Domag reported that garments treated with quaternary ammonium salts had antibacterial properties. During World War II, the German military treatment with quaternary ammonium salt greatly reduced the infection rate of the wounded. This is an important miracle of the textile ...
    release time:2015-05-13   clicks:26

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