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  • What is the sandwich mesh with a hat?

    Sandwich mesh use is relatively wide, I believe we all know. Today saw a two-color sandwich mesh made of hats and share with you.Two-color honeycomb sandwich mesh, looks generous fashion. The advantage is: environmental protection, breathable, elastic. Hotline: 0512-52263268
    release time:2016-08-04   clicks:35

  • Air layer fabric to the development of yarn-dyed

    Air layer fabric sales more and more prosperous, experts believe that the sales of the past two years will not decline, will only increase. Because mainly for clothing, its feel smooth, breathable, crisp style, attracting more and more consumers, both at home and abroad are more popular, is the best sales of this year's fabric. Now the air layer of fabric printing, yarn dyed, dyeing, embossing...
    release time:2016-08-04   clicks:36

  • Air layer fabric sales more and more prosperous, experts believe that the sales of the past two year...

    Sandwich mesh raw materials, post-processing is not the same as the finished product prices are not the same. There are a few customers asked me how your price than other people's home a few dollars a kilogram ah? Do you have to deny the price cheaper than us, but the quality, color fastness, environmental protection, etc. can pass? "Maybe some customers to try, but the And finally in coo...
    release time:2016-08-02   clicks:35

  • Thickened sandwich mesh is generally used in what products

    Now people pay attention to environmental protection, simple, comfortable and so on. In life, the demand for thickened sandwich mesh (3D mesh) is growing. Fast-paced life pressure is relatively large, after work want to have a comfortable home environment, sleep at night can be stable. Thicker sandwiches made of mattresses can make you soon into sleep.3D mattress leads the new idea of scientific h...
    release time:2016-08-02   clicks:34

  • How many varieties of sandwich mesh shoes?

    Shoes Sandwich Mesh has developed hundreds of species, round hole, long hole, hexagonal, large hole, diamond-shaped, large hole, which is the most popular this year, spider web. Spider webs are unique in style, with better air permeability than other fabrics
    release time:2016-07-30   clicks:7

  • This years most popular sandwich mesh

    What is the most popular sandwich mesh this year? The industry is considered to be 4D sandwich mesh, wide sandwich mesh, two-color sandwich mesh, these are used in the mattress. This year's textile orders are more, but also busy with the production of sandwich mesh manufacturers.Wide sandwich mesh clothSpecifications: Conventional productsMaterial: 100% polyesterWidth: 200-230CMThickness: 2-3M...
    release time:2016-07-30   clicks:14

  • Hua Hong weaving to introduce you to hot fabric: sandwich mesh cloth

    Hua Hong weaving to introduce you to hot fabric: sandwich mesh clothSandwich mesh cloth, also known as mesh cloth, said mesh cloth is already a well-known term, because the sandwich mesh cloth with other fabrics can not match the characteristics: breathable moisture, high elasticity, so there are more and more products used it. Shoes, luggage, cushions, mattresses, infant products, cleaning supp...
    release time:2016-07-27   clicks:8

  • Why mesh cloth so by the consumer favorite?

    In the market where we can see everywhere with the mesh cloth as a material made of various household items, then why mesh cloth so popular? Xiao Bian learned that the characteristics of mesh cloth mainly in the following areas:1. constant temperature, breathable, permeable2. memory, flexibility, buffer protection3. Light texture, easy to wash, quick dry4. Strong support5. Mesh Bacteria, health ca...
    release time:2016-07-27   clicks:6

  • Four different types of mats non-slip cloth materials and advantages introduced

    According to the relevant information, the type of mat anti-skid cloth is divided into: environmental anti-skid foot pad cloth; rubber mat anti-skid cloth; nylon mats non-slip cloth; wool blended mats non-slip cloth, these four, let's take a look What are the materials and advantages of these four mats?1, environmental protection mats non-slip cloth general bottom of the material using import...
    release time:2016-07-27   clicks:10

  • Talking about the Quality of Sandwich Mesh Car Seat Fabric

    Sandwich mesh is a double needle bed warp knitting fabric, composed of mesh surface, connecting monofilament, flat cloth bottom composition. Because of its three-dimensional mesh structure, much like the Western sandwich burger, so named sandwich mesh.Sandwich Mesh is made of polyester and the middle wire is polyester monofilament. Its thickness is generally 2-4mm. Sandwich mesh in the car seat co...
    release time:2016-07-27   clicks:6

  • 3D mesh manufacturers about health stretch cloth professional analysis

    According to the relevant news reports, China Elastic cloth market depth research data and data, together with the authority of the industry to write the results of the authority, focusing on China's health stretch fabric industry products, industry chain, market, business, policy and other aspects of the real situation; Analysis of specific research areas covering product categories, market c...
    release time:2016-07-27   clicks:7

  • Do not spin the air layer of fabric

    Previously on the market, the air layer fabrics are based on 24-pin, although breathable, feel good, environmental protection and other advantages, a little lack of spinning. Well now, developed a better than 24-pin air layer fabric, not only with the previous advantages, and the most worthy of everyone to buy is not spinning, fabric than the 24-pin meticulous. Clothing manufacturers do not need s...
    release time:2016-07-27   clicks:8

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